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About Us

Pawfect Nature is our dream. 

In a world full of synthetics, we choose life. Combing the two most important ingredients, love and nature, what we do is make friendly products for our family VIP’s that nourish and care for them, whilst protecting the environment in the process. Our dogs are like us, sensitive and allergic but most of all… living. In a world driven by industrial farming, more and more health risks come with using artificial products made with chemicals and genetically modified ingredients that are tested on animals, and this makes us sad…sad that people fail to see there is another way. Natures way.

Our passion comes from experience. Seeing so many dogs with skin problems and sensitivities, and becoming aware of potential risks with plastic, we created a range of products that satisfy safety. Paraben free, SLS free, GM free, cruelty free and organic means we are able to craft with nothing but love. We know we cannot change the world, but we want to change the way people think and act about their dogs and animals, and show them that nature is all we need to provide the best of care, comfort, relief and safety. We want to make small changes to make a big difference, the biggest difference being to you and your dog.

We love dogs, (well, we love all animals) and we want them all to be happy and healthy, we want their worlds to be everything they can be. Pawfect Nature is more than just a business to us, its a way of life. Its a passion for dogs, for a cruelty free world, for the planet and for the future…and its a recognition that everything we need is provided by nature itself. We want to leave the world in a better way than what we found it, where dogs and animals are respected and loved. What better way to do it than combining the two things we love the most…nature and paws <3 we share with you our knowledge and experience of caring for our dogs in a natural way, the only way.

Not only do we want to help you, but we want to help our community. Thats why our charity commitment gives 50p from every item sold to charities chosen by you. Help us, to help others.

If you care about what your dog needs,

If you want to take small steps towards protecting the environment,

If you want to spread the love, 

Join us on our journey.

Together we can be better, together we can love our dogs and the world back to life.

Who We Are

I used to be someone who knew a little bit about climate change and how humans have impacted the environment and like many others played ignorance to the issues being represented by social movements as that was the easy thing to do, but when I studied the subject of eco-crime during my Criminology and Psychology Degree everything changed. All of a sudden I became exposed to the real devastating impacts of human activity on the planet and how that devastation filters through to everything we use today. To see how we as human beings have shown so much disrespect to the world in which we live made me question my whole existence. I have always loved the outdoors, having been on holiday many times to the countryside as a child exploring through the woods and hills, and still escaping to nature whenever I can.

To learn of how little is left compared to what was, all in aid of wealth accumulation, made me angry that I wasn’t doing anything about it. It was then that my whole life changed. I started reading and researching how aspects of everyday life contribute to environmental degradation, and became more concerned about my health and everyone around me. I love my dogs more than people, and having Boston Terriers who are super sensitive (to everything) lead me to researching how everything also impacts them, from the chemical household cleaners we use, the food we give them, and even the soaps we bathe them with. It is true what they say, knowledge is power, and since I have learnt how nasty the ingredients are in commercial products I discovered that nature is the only way. It was then that Pawfect Nature was born. I seek to educate people of the risks involved with commercial products, and provide alternative organic products for our fur babies that fill them with love and life whilst being kind to our planet. I changed my life for the better, I chose life!

Our Main Services


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