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I love dogs more than people, and having Boston Terriers who are super sensitive (to everything) lead me to researching how everything also impacts them, from the chemical household cleaners we use, the food we give them, and even the soaps we bathe them with. It is true what they say, knowledge is power, and since I have learnt how harmful the chemical ingredients are in commercial products I discovered that nature is the only way.

After educating myself on the power of organic plant based ingredients I set out to create all natural products for dogs that love them back to life using Mother Nature’s finest contributions. 

The idea for Pawfect Nature started with my late Boston Terrier Betty. Betty was born with deformed legs, she found it hard to walk and needed extensive surgery to change her bones, so we decided to start fundraising for her so we could give her the changes she needed.

We started making natural shampoo bars & balms for dogs for our fundraising after seeing so many dogs suffer harsh reactions from synthetic cosmetic products and knowing the harmful effects they have on the earth.

It was then we toyed with the idea of starting our business, and began our research!

Trying new recipes, testing different ingredients, building our knowledge so that we could offer natural, holisitic care for our own dogs and dogs all over the world.

Unfortunately, unbeknown to us Betty had other problems..She started to suffer from Seizures and developed inflammatory brain disease, which ultimately meant we sadly lost her in November 2018.

Through all the sadness I began searching for answers, thinking what positive could actually come from all this pain?

It was then I knew it had not all been in vain. For what we had learnt from what we had made fundraising for Betty, could be expressed in natural care for the dogs that need it most as a holistic alternative.

Despite all her problems, Betty was always happy and brought so much love into our lives.

She taught us that no matter how hard it gets, you should always keep fighting.

So thats what we did… and Pawfect Nature was born, and we are so proud to be caring for dogs in the way that we do 💚