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Cotton Rope

Our hand-made natural cotton rope toys provide hours of fun for your four legged friends.

We use 100% natural cotton rope that is untreated, unbleached and chemical free!

Research has found that commercial dog toys made from synthetic rope and plastic release chemicals such as phthalates and BPA when they become old and worn! Our rope toys offer a safer way to play that won’t release toxins into your dogs mouth as they tug of war with you! 

We have also found that doggies love the chew on the natural fibres, which means they further aid as a toothbrush while your dog enjoys playtime! With supervised play, these rope toys are durable & long-lasting giving tough challenges to your VIP as they tug, throw, chase and fetch.

They are also 100% biodegradable meaning you can toss them on the compost heap when you’re done!