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Our Story

Pawfect Nature is our way of life.

We are dog lovers and owners and in a world full of synthetics, we choose nature. Combing the two most important ingredients, love and nature, we make natural, friendly products for our family VIP’s that nourish and care for them, whilst protecting the environment in the process. Our dogs are like us, sensitive and allergic but most of all… living. The world is driven by industrial farming, posing more health risks with using artificial products made with chemicals and genetically modified ingredients that are tested on animals.

Our passion comes from experience in seeing so many dogs with skin problems and sensitivities, and becoming aware of potential risks with plastic. So we decided to create a range of products that satisfy safety whilst providing natural loving care for mans best friend. Paraben free, SLS free, GM free, cruelty free and Organic means we are able to craft with nothing but love.

We love dogs, and they deserve to live a happy, healthy, pain-free life. We want their worlds to be everything they can be and more! Pawfect Nature is more than just a business to us, it’s a way of life. Its a passion for all dogs and for a cruelty free world, and it’s a recognition that everything we need is provided by nature itself. We hope to leave the world in a better way than what we found it, where dogs and animals are respected and loved, and we do that with our products and our Charity Commitment Rescue Pledge.