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Why Organic?

We recognise the importance of our dogs, ourselves and our planet so we choose life! Through our nature first approach we pride ourselves in the quality of all of our ingredients. Carefully selected Organic ingredients certified by The Soil Association ensure we work WITH nature and not against it. Our priority is the welfare of your dogs and we strive to promote a better world for all in the process.


To Be ORGANIC Means:


❌  NO adverse reactions

❌  NO animal testing

❌  NO Genetically Modified Ingredients

❌  NO controversial chemicals

❌  NO parabens and phthalates

❌  NO synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances

❌  NO nano particles

✅  YES to safe effective care

✅  YES to nourishment & protection

✅  YES to higher levels of antioxidants

✅  YES to sustainably sourced organic ingredients

✅  YES to transparent manufacturing processes

✅  YES to biodegradable ingredients

✅  YES to minimal packaging with maximum recycled content

✅  YES to protecting wildlife and biodiversity

✅  YES to a happy, healthy, pain-free life