P is for PATE! 13 Fun Facts about Pawfect Nature!

Did you know……an acrostic is a poem or other composition in which the first letter of each line  spells out a word.

Here is an acrostic for Pawfect Nature…because everyone needs a bit of light reading for a Saturday afternoon!


P is for PATE. JR pure pates are 100% meat. They come in 3 sizes (80g, 200g and 400g), and 7 flavours (beef, chicken, duck, lamb, rabbit, salmon and turkey). They can be used as a complete  food or a treat. You can slice it, dice it, cube it, cut it, stuff it or spread it!!!!

A is for ALOE VERA. We use the leaf juice of Aloe Barbadensis in our products: Sensitive Soul Organic Dog Shampoo Bar, Dog Ruff Organic Dog Conditioner Bar, Mud Monster organic Dog Shampoo Bar, Pawfect Puppy Organic All-in-One Balm and Pawtect Sun Organic SPF20 Sunscreen for dogs. Aloe vera conditions the coat and is anti-inflammatory and promotes healing. It soothes dry, sensitive and itchy skin and can be used on ‘hot spots’, burns and insect bites. 

W is for WHIMZEES. These are daily dental treats made with only 6 primary ingredients. These fun, effective treats help to remove plaque and tartar and reduce the bacteria that causes bad breath. The rigid vegetable based texture with knobbly bits, hollows and grooves help to remove plaque and tartar as the dog chews.

F is for ‘FOR FOX SAKE’. This is an Organic Shampoo Bar specially formulated for dogs who love a good roll around in poop. With added activated charcoal powder, this earthy shampoo bar gently exfoliates to remove stubborn poop from the coat and skin, topped off with an earthy black pepper and basil aroma from organic essential oils to eliminate unwanted odours…… and it works!!!

E is for ECO-FRIENDLY. Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly or NOT harmful to the environment. It is about being more conscious of how you use resources. We use only organic ingredients in our holistic health care products and package them with sustainable materials. Our treats are 100% natural and come delivered to you in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. No plastic! We recycle and reuse wherever we can.

C is for CHICKEN. Our chicken treats are 100% chicken, so high in protein, with no additives and are grain and gluten free. Choose from chicken feet (try the ‘puffed’ version), hearts, jerky, necks, meat coins or pate.

T is for TRIPE. Tripe is a natural treat made from the stomach lining. It is air dried to produce a natural treat which satisfies the dogs natural instinct to chew and the abrasive action helps to keep the teeth clean. You can pick from beef, lamb, goat, camel or buffalo, or try a mixture.


N is for NATURAL INGREDIENTS.  Our essential oils and other ingredients are certified organic by the Soil Association, which means they contain higher levels of antioxidants and are free from chemicals, parabens and artificial colours, dyes and fragrances. By choosing organic we ensure our products are transparently manufactured from sustainably sourced materials to provide care for you and your dog, whilst protecting wildlife, biodiversity and the environment.

A is for ADIOS COMPOSTABLE POOP BAGS. These eco-friendly poop bags are 100% plastic free! They are thick, strong, completely compostable and biodegradable and will naturally breakdown in 3-6 months. They are the most earth friendly way to pick up your four legged friends poop…and they help keep our oceans clean with their donations to charity!

T is for TREES. We donate to onetreeplanted.org which is a non-profit environmental charity who plant trees to help with reforestation across the globe. Each donation helps to prepare the ground, grow the baby trees, plant them in the forest and maintain and monitor them as they grow. We plant one tree with every eco-refill bottle we sell, as well as making a monthly donation. You can add a charity donation with your Pawfect Nature order online.

U is for UPLIFT. Spiritually connect with your senses with Uplift from our recently released  Human range. Chosen for mood boosting qualities, the blend of Organic Tea Tree & Juniper Berry offer a luxury spa experience. Try Uplift Moisturising Bath Salts to exfoliate and hydrate and Uplift  Moisturising Bath Oil to stimulate the senses and leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

R is for RABBIT. Our rabbit treats are exactly that…100% rabbit. They have no artificial colours flavours, preservatives or additives. Choose from hide strips and rolls, hairy skin, ears and feet, puffed ears, meat coins and pate. The ‘hairy’ versions have the added value of being a natural dewormer.

E is for ENRICHMENT TOYS. We stock a range of  toys to provide enrichment for your dog at meal times or as mental exercise. Simply fill or cover the toy (whichever is appropriate) with food, pate pooch butter, training treats and sprinkles and let your dog do the work. Try LickiMats to entertain and reduce stress and boredom, Sodapup chew toy and treat dispenser, West Paw Toppl and Qwizl and Snuffle mats. 

Pictured: The beautiful Betsy enjoying a West Paw Toppl stuffed with tasty goodness!

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