Tropical Toppl Recipe – Enrichment Idea’s for Dogs

Tropical Toppl Anyone?


Here is a simple stuffing recipe for a West Paw Toppl containing some of our favourite goodies!

This one isn’t frozen but feel free to freeze yours to make the challenge harder! (The new ANCO Pate squishes in nicely so still lasted the boys a good 20 minutes 🥰)

What you will need:
Now its time for the fun part…to build your Tasty Toppl! (Be aware…you may have a best friend drooling at your feet the whole time).


Step 1 – Pop the Stoppl into the front hole of the Toppl and place the Toppl on the Wobble Stopper.
Step 2 – Chop the pate into chunks and squish firmly into the bottom of the Toppl (either with fingers or a spoon depending on how you prefer); when you’re half way up squeeze a layer of Ella’s Kitchen Organic Bananas & Coconuts Puree over the top.
Step 3 – Fill with more pate until you reach the top rim of the Toppl. Take 2 of the Denzel Tropical Soft Chews and break them in half, then push them down into the Toppl, along the back edge (we broke ours in half because we used a small Toppl – if you have a large Toppl you can place them in whole).
Step 4 – Cover the top of the pate in Ella’s Kitchen Organic Bananas & Coconuts Puree.
Step 5 – Sprinkle the Organic Bee Pollen, Pumpkin Seeds and Dandelion Root over the top of the puree.
Step 6 – (optional) Pop in the freezer for at least 2 hours
And Voila – your Tropical Toppl is ready to serve!
It really doesn’t have to be complicated to create enrichment snacks for your best friends, if you’re stuck for ideas – check out our Instagram Page for some inspiration!


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