What being Eco-friendly means to us!

We love nature! And we know its Pawfect!

The protection of the environment is important to us, we have a responsibility as a business, and as a community, to reduce the carbon footprint and the impact on the earths ecosystems.

Being eco-friendly changes the purpose of how you live, it is being conscious of your impact and an organic intent to prevent harm to our environment. It is a way of life.

Green living is a choice for many people, and definitely a choice for us. 

We operate as an eco-friendly business to promote a better world for our pets, us and future generations. And we take pride in our eco-friendly attitude.

We know how much being thoughtful towards our world means to our customers, so we just wanted to let you know what steps we take to keep our promise of being eco-friendly – so that you can maintain trust in your brand.

How we do it:

  • All of our packaging (including our labels) are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable or recyclable, we encourage customers to re-use glass bottles or pop items in compost and recycling bins where appropriate. 
  • We can safely say we don’t use any plastic!! All of our sprays and balms are packaged in glass bottles and jars with aluminium lids, all of our toys are unpackaged and all of our treats are packed in brown paper bags. 
  • Our ingredients for our grooming products are certified organic by the Soil Association therefore are sustainably and ethically sourced, making them safer and more effective for your pets whilst protecting wildlife and biodiversity in the process. 
  • All of our treats products and ingredients are delivered in cardboard boxes, so that we can reuse and recycle them too. 
  • Our toys are handmade from natural rope fibres that are untreated, unbleached and chemical free. Our rope toys are also 100% biodegradable and can be added to your compost heap when no longer used.
  • By using our hands instead of machinery to produce our products we reduce our carbon footprint substantially, we ensure they are made with love, for your pet, you and the environment!
  • Our Organic Shampoo Bars are made using the cold process, which conserves water and electricity as the heat required for saponification comes directly from the reaction between the ingredients. 
  • Our products are 100% cruelty free. Our ingredients are organic and do not contain chemicals, GMO’s, parabens, pthalates or artificial colours and fragrances that are handmade and tested on us!
  • Our suppliers for all our materials for our products are based in the UK, we shop small to support local businesses throughout our whole operation and in doing so reduce our carbon footprint.

We love dogs, ours and yours! And we love our world! Being eco-friendly forms the foundations of our business, we believe in a pawfect world, we believe nature is pawfect! 

At Pawfect Nature we choose LIFE! Life for your pet, life for us, and life for the environment.

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