Why Natural Treats are Guilt Free Options for your Dog

This week we launched our new pic & mix natural treat range which is a fantastic addition to our handmade natural products as it gives customers the opportunity to spoil their pooches even more and reward them after bath time with pawfectly natural goodies! 

But why are natural treats better? well, here’s why…

They are what your dog would eat in the wild. Natural treats contain so much more essential nutrients and proteins that make them a far better choice for our furry companions than supermarket bought goodies. 

Unlike supermarket brands, natural treats have no artificial preservatives, additives, colours or flavours AND they remain grain-free, gluten free and mostly hypoallergenic.

Supermarket treats contain lots of additives and preservatives that dogs don’t need in their diet that can actually be bad for them. These processed treats contain disregarded bits of animals, lots of fat, and grains that dogs would never naturally choose…and usually less than 50% of actual meat content! 

Lots of dog owners now have their dogs on raw food diets (as do we) so its important that we can still treat them with scrumptious goodies from time to time that fit in with the ethos of this routine, and 100% natural treats fit the bill. 

Air dried meats and animal cuts such as tripe, tendons, chicken feet and rabbit ears come straight from the animals and into dehydrators. This preserves all the natural goodness to keep the treats fresh for when we give them to Fido. Plus, they literally are 100% made from the animal they come from…its as simple as that. 

Once the treats are air dried they become hard & chewy which also means they give our dogs an important task – to destroy the chew! This keeps them happy whilst tricking them into cleaning their teeth and gums…winner all round if you ask me.

All dogs love natural treats, and rest assured you’ll have one happy pup if you give them a good air dried ducks neck to get their teeth into! 

So, why are natural treats guilt free options for your dog? Because they are what your dog would naturally choose, they are simply 100% natural. 

*Photo Credit – Bella Mini Schnauzer*

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